Host or sponsor an Event

One of the best ways to help Vicki's campaign is to share with friends and family directly by hosting or sponsoring an event in your neighborhood. Just a few minutes with Vicki is all many people need to understand her passion, advocacy, and vision.

One of the things in desperately short supply is calm, friendly conversations over a cup of coffee or a shared meal. Helping Vicki in her campaign while connecting with friends and neighbors is always a great recipe for success!

Or... you can just...


Coffee with the Candidate


Host or sponsor a quick morning or afternoon meeting in your home or nearby favorite place you get coffee. Bring or invite folks who've never met Vicki for a brief introduction and have some time to ask questions. Cookies optional ;)  Ask for more information ->

Host a backyard BBQ or meal


A great way to get to know someone is to sit and chat over a meal, either in your own home/backyard, or at your favorite restaurant. Vicki gets along with everybody.  No matter how big or small, gathering together to discuss important issues in person with calm, civil discourse is the best way forward in the current politically charged atmosphere. More information →


Host a sign wave or campaign door knocking party.


Getting some folks together to wave signs or knock on doors, with coffee and donuts, is a great way to get to know our neighbors, discuss issues, and grow the outreach for Vicki. It doesn't have to be a big production or a lot of people, the more the merrier, but comradery and fun are the most important aspects to doing something of this nature. Got a "people personality"? We'd love to have your help! More information →

Host or sponsor a fundraiser


Raising funds doesn't have to be tiresome. Got something of value to raffle? Got a great space to use for a party fundraiser? Fundraising can be fun, entertaining, and most importantly, very powerful when it's community based. Since we focus on frugality, every dollar helps. If you've got an idea for a fundraiser, let us know! More information →