A Strong Voice of Reason.


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A Strong advocate

Vicki is always working hard for the folks she represents, and takes the responsibility of this service very seriously. Whatever topic is at hand , the feedback of her constituents is always at the forefront of her mind, and the driving force behind her votes.

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Working Together

One of the most important things we can do in our turbulent times is be a calming voice with an open mind. Vicki has been working hard both in Montpelier, and in every conversation with the folks of her district, to have meaningful conversations about very important issues in a way that builds bi-partisan support, and strengthens relationships instead of tearing them down.

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Local Control

One of the things that makes Vermont unique and wonderful is our small towns and the way town business is handled (such as town meetings, pictured above), with as much openness and transparency as possible. Vicki has long been a champion of local control, believing in Vermonter's abilities to work through their differences, achieve common goals, and make the best decisions for their communities.

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Challenging herself and the status quo

Whether it's a steep hill on the cross-country ski trail, keeping woodchucks out of her garden, or finding new ideas to improve education while reducing taxes, Vicki doesn't shirk from a challenge.

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Helping today’s students.
Preparing tomorrow’s leaders.

Vicki has been passionate about education for a long time. She's been a strong advocate for effective, quality education, while seeking to make sure our tax burden doesn't drive out the next generation.

She's been an instrumental part of her community, mentoring kids, leading and organizing after school programs, and the annual summer VBS program, Church food shelf, and others, she's been passionate about caring for kids and helping them get ready for their futures.


A passionate, compassionate voice for you.

Dedicated to change.

How do we maintain the Constitutional Republic that has given us so much prosperity and freedom while adapting to the ever changing world we live in?

Vicki has been a leader in her community for decades, seeking to help those in need, and speaking up for those who need a stronger voice on their behalf.

Whether it's standing up for veterans trying to get Agent Orange injuries recognized and properly accounted for (pictured), or standing up for affordable healthcare, just because "we've always done something a certain way" doesn't mean we can't try new ideas and better ways of doing things.